Need Telcel Sin Limites Plan Advice Please!

I was unable to get a monthly Telcel plan because I don't have comprobante de domicilio so I had to accept the Telcel Sin Limites every 30 days thing. As far as it was explained to me, I get 500 megas of data and unlimited phone calls for 30 days. I was told to recharge at any Oxxo or seven eleven but that since the offer is new there's no way to track how much data I have used.

First problem.

Second problem is I just recharged my phone yesterday which means I should have 500mb of data available, but my phone says I only have 98 megas free. I can't update my FB app because I don't have enough data, but just paid for a new recharge.

I've been to Telcel twice and I don't know how to manage this plan. The last woman there that I spoke to told me she could see that I had data available when she looked at her computer but that info wasn't available to users. Help!!

Anyone here no what other options I have? Thx!

If you have a number you should be able to create an account on MiTelcel;jsessionid=

The local Municipio office issues the comprobante de domicilio here

If you have your data turned on all the time, some apps have background data usage which can mount up, say 20+ or so megabytes a day. You can adjust some apps not to use background data. Secondly, you should be able to look at Settings -> Data Usage to see how much you are using. Lastly, there is a Telcel app called "Mi Telcel" that will show you information regarding data and pesos remaining on your account.

Check your Data Usage and check you app usage of data.

Look for free wi-fi cafes or public sites.

Thanks but the Sin Limites is not a monthly plan. They told me it's new and there's no way to track it. I can just recharge and supposedly I'll have 500 megas when I recharge, but that's apparently not what happened. I don't like this "plan" and don't feel like I'm being sold data when I recharge, only unlimited calls. It's a mystery what's happening.

Am I legally entitled to have comprobante de domicilio if I'm on a tourist visa? Because if I canget that, then I can get a real plan that I can track using mi telcel...

A comprobante de domicilio is an electric bill generally associated with the place that you rent or own. If you rent, the landlord will have an electric bill stub that you can use.

You can still monitor data usage in the Settings -> Data Usage tab.

I use the Amigo Plan which is simply a pay as you go plan. I rarely use data because of the number of free wi-fi places.

Joaquin, may I ask how much data you use per month usually?

As of today, 54 MB. for me, the cost is 1 peso per 2MB or 26 pesos.

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