Language Exchange in Cairo

Hey there everybody,

I check this website every now and then and i find a lot of interesting things, thats why i am posting here seeking help.

I am a native Egyptian and i have attended lots of gathering to help foreigners get to know Egypt better, exchange thoughts.....

I am looking for French or German native speaker who can help me study French or German (from the beginning) and knows how to do this professionaly, will do this in exchange for my Arabic + you choose the timing, place.......and if you do this for living, i think we can make a deal, it doesn't matter whether you are a male or female as long as you take this matter seriously.

Thanks in advance ☺

Note: i choose to study this way, because it costs a fortune to study languages in accredited places here in Egypt.

Hi karim,

I suggest you drop a detailed advert in the Language exchange in Cairo section of the website so that interested and qualified members may contact you directly.

Furthermore, your advert will benefit from longer visibility on the website.

All the best,

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