Looking for a job vacancy

Am Linda 25years old. Diploma graduate in PR, with credit. Key elements which I possess includes the following:
*Exceptional Organization and Customer Service
*Keen Attention to Detail
*Proficient in Microsoft Suite(computer savvy)
*Detail Orientated, Accurate, Flexible and
*Team Player with the Ability to Work Effectively
in any Environment
*Strong Verbal and Written Communication skills

I am one who embraces creativity, new
ideas and able to work in fast-paced
environments. My ultimate career goal is to
grow with a company that is passionate about
what they do,works above and beyond for their
clients. Kindly if you learn/know about any opening, let me know.


Hi Linda,

Could you please drop an advert in the proper section of the website ?

- Jobs in Kenya

Employers will contact you through your ad itself.

Thanks in advance,

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