Gulf bank kuwait holding my service money by force

my name is Prakash G Bhat, I worked for National chemical and petroleum industries, at shuaibah for 14 years, suddenly i got sever heart problem and resigned,fom my job, my 14 years service money, company transfered to Gulf bank kuwait  on 14/4/2016,

they deducted my loan and credit card amount, BUT ALSO EXTRA KWD330 DEDUCTED BY FORCE AND ANY JUSTIFICATION,fahaheel exite branch executive mr.Abdulaziz Khuraibat said that it is policy of bank, you will get it within 35days,

I opposed and gave him my resign letter and al Adan hostal treatment papers, now almost  65days over, i need money for my meicine, I spent Indian Rs,10000/ only calling them , but no use,

my question is that when person leaving kuwait permently on medical ground, then why are they holding his service amount ?

realy they are not answering my question, try on their customer care, they are very busy and rude,

Pls. take care and suggest me

Contact the management...
Or let some you know complain to tge  bank

i believe they withhold the amount in case you have any pending credit card debt or etc. you must have friends still here after 14 years of work, have them follow up for you.

Hi Mr.Prakash,

Hope you are doing well right now!

They hold KD 330 ( I think your visa limit) for almost 100 days due to any overseas transactions by this card credit and not 35 days as they mentioned. My questions are : how they will pay back this amount?, did you advise them any account number? ..

You may be patient for them and lets see what will happen?

Thank you

my dear, there are plenty good friends, when they asking them, they are telling that not your business, when i am caliing from India and spent Rs.10000/ calling, they are saying you must contact branch, customer care is toooo much busy and sh**, One fahaheel exite execucative Abdulaziz Khuraibat told that it is dirty policy to hold up money, but you will get after 35 days, but now 90days over, I have no any loan or any bad report,my civil ID xxxxxxxxxx, I am requesting you to see how this bank working, only showing they very good, In india, this matter discussed with many banks, they are surprised about mafia type behaviour, I am requesting to help me and ask this bank for what reason holding money?

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