Few questions on expatriation

Hey All,

I'm very new to this, including the idea. No an Expat yet, still iving in Canada but fell in love with Cabarete and am now trying to get things in order across the pond to move out there.

So far I'm planning on coming for three months and hopefully finding a rental close to the beach to really discover the culture and way of living and make a sound decision prior to moving.

Couple questions...

1. I'll have 800.00 secure income coming from Canada and am planning on doing some online freelance work to supplement my living expenses while over there. I'm single, 29, don't need anything crazy fancy and would be fine in a bachelor. Not bringing a car so really as far as I know I would just need rent food and internet along with my Canadian phone... will 800.00 be enough to support that?

2. Where do I start with looking for apartments if I;m not there. I'm planning a trip in September to come back for a week and look around at some areas to get an idea of where I would like to live but I really don't know how to secure something over the internet.

3. Anyone have any ideas of how to bring in a small income through online work payable to my Canadian bank account?

4. Do I need any residency stuff done considering I'm technically coming for a three month vacation and then returning to Canada.

Any other suggestions or experiences are more than welcome! Thank in advance.


Hi Danielle1986,

Welcome to :)

I would like to inform you that i have created a new thread with your post on the Dominican Republic forum for more visibility and interaction with the members.

For a good start, i would like to invite you to have a look at the Living in Dominican Republic guide, it might help you to prepare yourself for a future expatriation in Dominican Republic.


Priscilla  :cheers:

First off welcome.  There is lots of information here on this board so read, read and read some more and feel free to ask away.

It sounds like you are doing it the correct way as the DR is not for everyone.  To answer some of your questions:
1.  $800 will be a little tight these days but if you can supplement it with online work you should do fine.  You will need to use, and eat local products instead of imported ones. We do this and live for about 60% of what the costs would be in the US.

2.  Your best bet for apartment hunting is with boots on the ground.  Maybe a week at a hotel while you are looking around.  There are lots available but you have to hunt them down.

3.  Just use your ATM do draw cash when you need it or bring some with you.  Most major credit cards are also accepted in most groceries and shops.  Get one with no foreign transaction fees.  We use Untied airlines visa and Bank of America cards for this.

4. Just pay the overstay fees this first time ($4,000RD for over 90 days and less than 6 months).  If you are going to make the move then you should get your residency.  This needs to be started in your home country.

Hope this helps.

Bob K

Bob did a great job answering.  800 will be tight, you will need more then that. Start researching virtual jobs.

And welcome to the forums.

Great response Bob! Thanks for the handy information. I'm going to start looking into some freelance work and be able to supplement my income that way. Looking forward to this adventure!

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.  I have lived here on the north coast for the last 10 years.

Bob K

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