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Hi everybody, Ahmed from Morocco, I'm new on the forum, I'm whiling to move to Jamaica for a long period (at least 5 years) and I don't know anything about how is it there (finding jobs and accommodations). If someone could help me with some details that would be great.

Hi Ahmed,
Good to hear your thinking of moving to Jamaica, It's a beautiful Island with lots to see and experience.
If your looking to work , it depends on what you want to do and the industry you want to enter into, lots of hotels opening on the island if your interested in hospitality, this might be a good opportunity for you .
Accommodation is all over the island, it depends on where you want to live and the scenery your looking for. Ochi Rio, Negril and Montego Bay have beautiful sandy beaches (especially Negril) this is an option to consider, meanwhile Kingston or New Kingston  is the capital or the main city for Jamaica which is a nice place if your looking for that sort of thing.
It's always a good idea to travel to Jamaica and gain some experience before making up your mind, you might discover what your looking for.

Good Luck!

Hi Ahmed and welcome to :)

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