Australian who has won the DV Lottery - Selection and Visa Application

I know this question has probably been asked more than once but I am hoping to find someone who can assist me with some advice/information about the processing of the Green Card through the DV Lottery.

I am an Australian and have just received notice that I have been selected for further processing for the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program for 2017.

I can see the process starts with filling out a DS-260 application and then going to an Interview. My questions relate to the Green Card itself and its activation.
1.  I thought I read somewhere that if you get it you do not need to go straight away but have a couple of years to enter the US on this Visa?
2. Do I have a green card for life or does it expire?
3. Do I need to find a job before I go? If I go without a job, am I permitted to work on a casual basis outside my nominated industry until I find employment.
Any other tips would be helpful.
Thank you.

Your visa will be valid for 6 months. You have to come to USA within six months. Once in US you will get green card. If you stay continuously in US for 5 years then you can apply for citizenship. During 5 years you may go out of US but can not stay out of US continuously for more than six months. You must have good educational qualifications to secure good paying job in US OTHERWISE it do not make any sense to migrate to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Thanks bawaney - yes I am educated and I am actually looking at this as a professional development opportunity because the USA is one of the leaders in my field.

It will be nice if you can find a job before coming here. At least, search the market and become familiar. It might happened that you will take a non professional job at first, and start from there. Don't be disappointed. Things will go to their places. So, we are waiting for you!


Your six-months countdown to entering the US starts with the date of your medical.

You have the option to apply for re-entry permit while in the US. See for details, forms, ... If approved this will give you up to two years outside the US. The same site gives you details of rights and obligations of GC holders and you will also receive this information in booklet form with your approval.

Once you enter the US your legal status will be stamped into your passport and you will receive the GC in the mail several weeks later. Yes, you are legally authorized to work in the US with the stamp.

GCs for life were issued for a short period in the 80s. They have to be renewed.

Please note that as LPR you have to file US income tax and as male you have to register for Select Service.

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