Medellin's weather, what is it like?

Im coming to Medellin in a few days.

How is the weather there?

Is it windy? Is it nice? Or is too humid?

Many people think Medellín has the best weather in Colombia.  Some others think it's too rainy, some think it's too cold, I've even heard one person say it's too hot... … p;oe=utf-8

Colombian weather doesn't change much during the year because they are near the Equator.  I have visited Medellin, I have lived in Cali, and I have studied a few other cities.  You can check out monthly average temperature and rain by looking up the city in Wikipedia or a few other websites.  From what I've seen the average high temperature in Bogota is about 70 all year (too cool for me), in Medellin (and Pereira) about 80 (nice), and in Cali (and Cartagena) about 90 (too hot for me).

I have been looking around Google and that is what  I found. I thought was better just ask people who really are in Medellin now.

I did a search, and I found that the hottest month in July and that the humidity level is 80%-90%
Thanks for your replay!

You have to realize that when you ask about the weather, everyone will have a different opinion.  Some people love Florida; some hate it.  Some people who like Arizona, would not be happy with the weather in Germany.  Some who live in Buenaventura, Colombia, love it and would not like Medellín.   Most people do like Medellín, though.

The link Brother Archer gave us shows that temps of 88 F or 31 C are predicted for the next couple of days here in Medellín.  That would qualify as “too hot” for many Expats.

The humidity figures the OP mentioned seem high -- I’ve seen lower ones quoted, although when it’s in the mid to high 80’s F here, it is certainly schvitzing time !  Great swimming pool weather, I’m finding.

From my research:  winds come up off the surrounding mountains which contain many populated areas (not just low-class favelas), so when it’s, say, 85 F on Poblado Avenue near the valley basin, it may be four degrees F cooler with a breeze just a few hundred feet further up in the hills.  I’m not a cable-car aficionado so I haven’t gone further up to see if it’s even cooler above that level.

I was in Provenza a few blocks from the popular Parque Lleras the other night and it definitely seemed cooler up there than near my hotel down on Milla de Oro.  My taxi driver said that difference is normal.

I’ve been here a week now.   There has been a little rain during most of the 24-hour cycles, just enough to water the plants occasionally, no downpours.

Being in the northern hemisphere, you’d figure June-July-August would be the hottest season.  However, my research and conversations with locals indicate that January and February are pretty warm, too.

I believe -- and others here do too -- that Medellin has been subject to global warming, and what used to be the typical highs of about 81 degrees in every month .. now is up to about 85 or a bit higher in the warmer months.  El Niño may still be having a lingering effect here, warming things up more than in a non-Niño year.

cccmedia from Medellín

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The thread is Top Ways For Expat Visitors To Keep Cool In Medellin.

-- cccmedia from Medellín

I have lived in Medellin for over two years, I am back in the States now, but the City of Eternal Spring, has seen its hotter days, I can tell a difference and it has been getting hotter, similar to Cali several days . the nights are amazing .

After living in Rionegro the past year I find Medellin to be hot.

Texas Bred :

After living in Rionegro the past year I find Medellin to be hot.

Rionegro, near the MDE airport, is at 6824 feet altitude -- about 1900 feet higher than Medellin.  At that altitude and with less density, cooler weather can be expected in Rionegro for a long time, Tex.

cccmedia, from Eje Cafetero

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