Flat sharing between European guys

Hi is there anyone interested by flat sharing with a french guy ?
It's in Salmiya in a good location.
The flat is quite big.
And there is a sea view in the living room.
I hope to find someone in the week..


The appropriate place for accommodation is in the housing section at the top of this page.
You can place a free advertisement there.

Hi there, we're is the exact location? I'm Indian and looking for some good places in salmiya. How much is per month. I work for a multinational comp in shuwaikh. Waiting for your reply.

Riaz Ahmed.H

Hey , is the room available? What is the price?


Hi everyone,

Could you please drop an advert in the proper section of the website if you are either proposing or looking for flat share ?

- Shared accommodation in Kuwait

All the best,

Hi !
I'm sorry my harris is very complicate, he only allowed me to be with european if i do house sharing, that sucks but i'm trying to find an other flat...
Keep in touch

i was proposing an accommodation but it was a month ago and i didn't find anyone, so i will double check if the flat still available. And the room was about 190 KD

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