Where to exchange US dollars for Colombian pesos in Cuenca?

Does anyone know where to exchange US dollars for Colombian Pesos in Cuenca?
If I exchange some money in EC, would I be taxed as money that leaves the country?

Where is this place? Never heard of it. Near a big city? If so, do it there. You shouldn't be taxed. They didn't care about anything I left with. 25 pounds of coffee and that was illegal.

I made a mistake, I should have posted this question in the Ecuador Forum.
I realized that I posted it in the Colombian site too late. Sorry for that!!

I got into Medellin after dark, so I could not exchange anything. (Flight was super late)

Next morning I looked around and someone mentioned the Sao Paulo Mall.

There is a shopping center across the street, on the 2nd floor there is a money house  SURCAMBIOS. They gave me a rate of $2860 pesos per dollar. One has to have a passport or a cedula if one comes from of the MERCOSUR countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Surinam, Paraguay, Uruguay)

In Medellin a Mall is an open shopping center and a Shopping Center is an enclosed bldg (What we call a Mall in the US)

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