Moving to USA

Hello my name is Peter I'm 32 years old, I'm soccer player and coach and also sports teacher and music teacher. My wife is American and we live in Portugal I'm Portuguese and she and our children's are American citizen. We are thinking to move to Charleston to leave and work, she is a nurse. We need some advices and jobs contacts if someone knows about it. 3 years ago we where on Charleston and we enjoy it a lot. We speak Portuguese native also English Spanish and French.  We don't mind at the beginning work on something outside of our professional area like restaurants hotel or airports or stores. Thank you. And nice day for everyone. About Belize is my dream travel, I don't know nothing about the country except geography and garifuna culture. I don't mind at all to work and leave it there to, if someone know about jobs and opportunities  I appreciate .

Are you referring to Charleston, SOuth Carolina?


If your wife has Nclex with experience then she shouldn't have a hard time looking for a job. She can call the hospital's HR and inquire about RN jobs available.

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