Can I bring our jewelry into Cambodia

Wondering if I can bring jewelry into Cambodia, like rings, and can I buy gold jewelry in Thailand and bring back to Cambodia?? Not much a few pieces for personal use, I had some jewelry packed last trip, customs didn't bother me?? Thank you for help, I just can't figure if I'm going to have to pay on new jewelry.brought into Phnom Penh airport ?


If you want to be safe please dont bring any valuables with you. thanks

The keys are reasonable and personal.  I have brought 2 necklaces, 2 wedding rings, and a fairly good-sized cross.  That is a reasonable amount.  12 gold wedding bands probably not so reasonable.  I keep that in a front pocket in a small box when going through customs to make sure it isn't seen to have them look further.  Wearing Jewelry in Cambodia is generally NOT a good idea!  It says you have money and limited common sense.  Good luck!

Yep I did same thing, just slipped in pocket no problem , but yes I agree, don't wear a lot of bling here , I don't anyway , so thanks

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