how to modify status online? I got married in Pakistan

I live in Canada, Last December i went Pakistan for get married, want to modify status anyone know Can i do that online and what documents I will required.



Unfortunately there is not much you could do online in Pakistan. ( except ordering Pizza) I presume your wife is still in Pakistan, she needs to do the following paperwork:

1) She should go to NADRA and amend her status on her NIC card by changing the name of her guardian from her father to her husband. For this she will need  a) Your marriage contract , get it translated in English unless it is the newer by-lingual Nikah Nama. You need to get it attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2) Form b of Nadra ( form bay    ب) needs to be modified since the wife should now appear in your tree rather than her fathers.

3) She needs to apply for her new passport showing you as her husband.

4) The rest of the steps are mentioned in Canadian High Commission site " How can a newly married wife join her Canadian Husband in Canada". :)

Thanks for your response i do appreciate, well she did already everything she changed her status she also got her nicop and passport which says spouse name and everything.

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