Childcare degree/diploma in France?

Hello all,
I want to further my studies in childcare development. I am willing to take a french childcare course. However, I am finding it very hard to find any solution. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful.
Thank you.

Hello, just so you know all most all the diplomas on childcare are taught using french language. There are several of them depending on the age of  the children you would love to carter for. There is s a diploma CAP,  there is another one petite enfance,  these diplomas are majorly for smaller kids below 6years  but if you would want to handle kids from 6 years and above ? If you are looking to open your own centre for kids and stuff like that the best diploma would be the BAFA/BAFD. There are strict regulations for these diplomas and its important that you are really ready before you start as you can  not afford to miss even 1hr of the training. There a lot of them depending on the area where you live.
Most important things to remember:
*Be very sure you are prepared to start the course
*you need to register ahead of time
* Classes are strictly in french (but not to worry you can cope and most times activities are done in groups and they access you by your involvement and participation)
* you can not afford to miss even a day (so plan ahead)
* most of the diplomas are a minium of 1yr in total
I hope this helps you. All the best


I read your post and thought I would mention that there are some childcare diplomas available online.

If you are looking to do a Childcare diploma for work in a creche for example, you will need to do a Level 3 GNVQ or equivalent. There are lots that are available online. These will involve some in work monitoring so if you have a job in childcare already this will help.

I hope this helps. :-)

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