Places to explore alone in nairobi

Hello Hello,

It has been 2 weeks i am here and the only place i stepped to is Prestige and Yaya centre. I think i have had enough of those places.

I need help, how can i get anywhere to explore the city on my own. Can i hop on those buses? Is it safe enough ? There's also small vans, is that really safe?

I do not where should i go but city centre of nairobi ..any museums? how far from Prestige to those places?

I really hope i can get some help here................

Thank you so much.

Hi Norabs problem in town is pickpockets and they are also found in matatus and buses.  Since you are so new take it slowly with these until you are a little familiar with this town.

If you can spend some get taxi and visit museum near westlands, also very good for your kids.
Nairobi National Park would also be brilliant for you and your kids but i suggest taxis to these places.
Animal Orphanage

If you love animals and would perhaps like to take a picture so close to a lion, then visit the Nairobi Animal Orphanage operated by the Kenya Wildlife Service. It will cost you only KSh 250 to walk around the orphanage located in Lang’ata – some 10 kms from the city centre. The orphanage is open daily from 8am to 6pm and could be an ideal place to walk around while having a conversation. This is also a great place to take children.

Also National Archives, this is right in town
The Kenya National Archives is situated at the edge of the central business district in downtown Nairobi along Moi Avenue next to Ambassadeur Hotel. It was established in 1965 and holds 40,000 volumes. It also houses the Murumbi Gallery which is currently the largest Pan-African art gallery in Africa and contains ancient art collections from different regions and communities of Africa. The collected artifacts were acquired by the government of Kenya after a concessionary arrangement was agreed upon with Joseph Murumbi, who had initially turned down several huge offers to buy his collections by overseas bidders


Dear Mihango
Oh didn't know town are known for pickpockets. Hmm even in matatus. Oooh!

The animal orphanage 250ksh is it a walk in i can just go anytime 8-5pm? That sounds great near to me as i live in kilimani.

Greatly appreciated your kind response.


Norabs yes animal orphanage is walk in anytime 8-5. 

Nairobi Animal Orphanage View Rates, Discounted Prices - Book & Save Now!
Nairobi Animal Orphanage is about 20 minutes drive from Nairobi’s city centre. Located only about 7 kilometers from the city centre, animal orphanage is easily accessible on tarmac roads, off Lang’ata Road, Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters.

The orphanage is a wider part of the Nairobi National Park – the first to be established in East Africa on the 16th of December 1946. The park makes Nairobi a special capital as it is the only city in world where wild animals live naturally in the wild transforming Nairobi into Africa’s prime safari capital.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage, which was established in 1964, as a refuge for wild animals found abandoned, orphaned or injured throughout Kenya. The aims of the orphanage were to release the animals into the wild whenever possible, provide conservation education to Kenyans and visitors from all over the world.

Over the years, exotic animals' species not necessarily falling in the categories mentioned above have found their way into the animal orphanage. Problem animals have also been restrained here.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage is an important educational and training facility, which is housed in the only wildlife protected area in a capital city in the world is often home to more than 20 different animals and bird species.

Animals seen include Lion, cheetah, hyena, jackal, serval very rare sokoke cats, warthog, ostrich, leopard, various monkeys, baboon, buffalo. Nairobi Animal Orphanage today remains the most visited wildlife facility in Kenya and especially by Kenyans because it allows guests up-close viewing of wildlife.

Norabs there are even tour companies that can give a day tour.  But it is on Langata Road and about 10 minutes drive up the road from Wilson Airport.

The ultimate experience though is volunteering at a Children's home and there is one not far from where you are.



Thank you so much for the brief message.

I will definetely explore it.


Well it depends where you you want to visit.
Nairobi is very wounderful place.If you just move in the up town area you will never see anything close to the real Nairobi.

It generally depends with where you  are going.Don't carry laods of hard cash and ul be safer.

Try using the uber. Go take ride to Town, Museum in westlands.It's safe to walk and roam in in the town area but avoid anything past moi avenue.

Tey getting g a friend or a group of friends then trust me there is alot to explore and it will be memorable experience.

Hi there Norabs_11I think what you may need is a tour found Nairobi city for you to get more aquinted with the streets,routes to your work place,eat outs,there are quite a couple of places,IMAX theatres,westgate shopping mall,sarit centre,the museums around,art galleries,famous landmarks.if you may need a tour,I'd advice you seek a tour company for reasons known to you or get a personal and trustworthy person (like myself lol)to take you around the city.of the two suggestions the latter us cheaper,do not hesitate to send a private message for further clarifications. Have a wonderful stay in Kenya..
Ps:Carefully choose who you trust so as to avoid exploitation,you may need some personal skills for that.Goodluck finding a guide or finding me,here to help.

Just ensure you do not walk out at night.  I met someone who thought it was safe to walk from Nakumatt mega to town at 10.00 pm! he was mugged and snatched his backpack with all the shopping!  and some thorough beating!

His argument was the street was pretty busy of traffic and thought it was safe!

I agree with the above.  Don't walk out on the streets after dark.  Otherwise, the suggestions above are all good.  Nairobi National Park is also certainly worth a visit, as is the Giraffe Centre.  Unfortunately, you do need to have transport for this.

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