how to apply for a long term visa.

hello all. i am from Bangladesh, i m into clothing export business. i already have some clothing business in Philippines  and many existing clients from there but i would like to set my own business over there soon and want to stay in manila, i am not that rich to spend coz i m just beginning of my business after 9 years working with a german clothing brand i have started my own after resign. my question is what should i do to open a company,
how can i get a long time visa like 1 year or more over there.
how much does it takes to open an own company over there.
how long it will take to do the processing of visa and opeing a company.
and also i will try to get my wife there after my business is settled. please advise me the necesarry steps.

A foreigner can't solely own a business here in the Philippines, 60-40 rule. In terms of the visa processing, will you be doing it on your own or are you willing to pay for visa processing services?

actually it will depends on the cost. may be i can go for a visa processing company if they have very good rate fo doing the service potential and cheap also.

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