Northern Cyprus

I would be very interested in hearing from people who live in Northern Cyprus - we are an early retired british couple currently living in Paphos Cyprus considering and planning a future move there and would like to know what is required to do so, the problems to expect or encounter, the good and the bad.


Hello...having lived here in Kyrenia for 35 years all I can say it's like anywhere...its what you make it to be ! I have lived all over the island over the years but the north for me is the best especially Kyrenia. Please let me know your specific cpncernsand when you are next over here then we can meet up for a coffee and a chat. Best regards Stephan

many thanks Stephan - will put some questions together and submt here. ok


Northern Cyprus - Homeschooling

Does anyone know if homeschooling is legal or allowed in Northern Cyprus

Good afternoon all,

Hi I am british passport holder living in London planning to move to Cyprus .........
I need information as regards to EU treaty rights/Family reunification.

I also need information on EU residency card .

I am planning to start my business of Himalayan salt lamp and I need the work force from Pakistan on work Permit.

All the information or advise are greatly appreciated.

Need the costing if possible please.


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