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Hello.Anybody could help us on getting a private owner for a rental places in Belgium (anywhere)? Because we can't get thru agent because they asked for work contract which is soon. But as for the moment, we are planning to relocate in Belgium.

Your help much appreciated.


The 'housing' section might have something suitable … /brussels/

Worth a shot.

Thanks Fred.


The system in Belgium is so, that any real estate agency would demand a job contract. I have faced it myself and had to use "tourist" market, as the owners who aim to rent out an accomodation for a tourists don`t usually ask for a job contract. It is a little bit more expensive and less variety, but accomodations are usually furnished and the rent is inclusive of gas, power, water, etc. I can recomend you one landlord of that type, who has several properties in and around Antwerpen. Let me know if you need. Another option is to wait for your job contract and then any agency would be happy to help you.

You can use the apart-hotels where you just sign a contract for any duration- day/wk/month/yr etc and they dont ask for work contract. You just have to pay them like a hotel service.

after your get this rental and have a job, then is that the time you register yourself at the Gemeente? How does it work because they ask your address?

Once you get an adress, you should go to gemeente website and apply for registration (or by phone). Then the local police officer will come to check if you are really stays there, and after that you go to gemeente and they will put the adress inside your id card.

On brussel area, are they strict ? Because its a Capital in Belgium . Some refer to live which is not busy city.

Can you still register yourself if you don't have job yet?

yes, for registration only the adress is required+your name on the post box and on the door bell, so the policeman can see it.

You won't get an ID card however as you're not Belgian.
You might or might not automatically get a residents' card, it will depend on your nationality, residents' card are optional for EU nationals.

Your name on the post box is a bit of a half truth too, you are not obliged to put your name on your post box but it will make it easier for the Police when they come, especially if you share a similar address with neighbours or share a common entrance door.

Your ability to register with a commune / gemeente authority depends on your nationality and personal circumstances, but yes you can register without a job but in your personal circumstances you might not qualify in the views of the officer making the decision.

No, I have discussed it with policemen, and they said it is an obligation. At least in Antwerpen.

it is NOT an obligation. Please do not post such untruths.

Go on, find the law which obliges to put your name on your post box and door bell.

I despair as to the wrong things people write on there.

So a police officer said something to it, oh well, it must be the law, it must apply to every single person in Belgium!!!!! Just think of it a bit harder.

Now I challenge you to find this law and publish it here. You'll be looking a long long time. You are advised to put your name on your door bell, but you are not obligated in Belgium to have a door bell, or a letter box, or to put your name on them!!!!!

Just follow the rules of post boxes that BPOST the official provider of private postal services have on their website. If you are capable or reading French, Dutch or German, you will find the words "not obligatory but advisable" regarding putting your name on your post box. Moniteur Belge 01 June 2007. That is where you will find it written the rules of post boxes in Belgium. … .html#map2

Thanks guys for the infos.

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