Re-entry from native place need minimum 6 months RP Validity?


My family is going to India for annual vacation by mid of next month, our visa expires in October, while inquiring my HR told me that, he need to renew my Visa and my family Visa in order to allow them comeback as there is a rule which says RP/ Visa should have minimum 6 months validity or immigration would not let them comeback.

I never heard or read anywhere about this rule, hence I inquire with my friends and some contacts but none knows this.

Can anyone please help me if there is any such rule implemented recently? I know similar rule applies if you're traveling within GCC, but to native place?

Thanks and advance.  :)


Never heard of any such rule, as long as the RP is valid you can come back anytime. But having said that if you have time why not renew it.


Thanks for reply, LI. I did asked my HR to renew visas earlier today, also he's in touch with LMRA in-regards to my issue.

Thanks again.

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