Celebrating birthday in Algiers

Hello everyone

I want to take a friend out in Algiers for her birthday, but have no idea where to take her and what to do, especially during the holy month of ramdan...
Any ideas? I really want to make her happy, and she's only here for a few days, so can't postpone it for after el eid. I want her to have good memories of Algiers, it's her first time in here
What places do you suggest for that (restaurants or other...) ? not too fancy, but not rubbish either, and we don't need alcohol or night clubs/bars, we wanna do it ramdan style ;D

Hi Lyllir,

For your friend's Bday, I can suggest to you the Bardo museum, they are organizing during the holy month of Ramadan night events with different shows along with refreshments and traditional desserts. I think it can be cool to celebrate this birthday in a Ramadan atmosphere. You can find more detains on internet.


Thanks a lot for your help, I'll check that out

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