Becoming a Maltese citizen?

In light of the obvious situation with Brexit I am keen to find out about maltese citizenship.

So like with pretty much every situation and question asking "what is going to happen", nobody really has a scooby.

I have been here only 4 months and  have absolutely no plans to leave. Now worst case scenario is that be it 6 months or 3 years down the line British expats would have to apply for visas to continue to live and work here.

My question is that gaining citizenship here in Malta this should really safeguard a situation such as the above?

Secondly what are the basic requirements? Typically in many countries you have to have been a resident for a period of time before you can apply. 

Can anyone shed any light on this?

afaik it's basically impossible to get without spending 100s of thousands.  You, too, can just google this.

As ever, making decisions immediately after any major turmoil is a mistake.  Wait and see, in any event for any european country unless (and even if) you're a millionaire and can afford to buy passports having been there a few months is not good enough.

Just wait and see and then make informed decisions.

I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure Malta and Britain will come to an agreement to avoid the bureaucratic nightmare. I plan to apply for mine in the fall but only because my mum is Maltese and it should be straightforward.
'should be' being the key words...!

Coming out to Malta next month to look at properties to move to, just looked at the new exchange rate & I would have lost about £3,700. As already said, wait& see what happens when things settle down.

As some of you know I have been concerned about the brexit vote

I found an article written by Chetcuti Cauchi advocates in Valletta which states: "British Expats however can put their mind at rest that they will not be deported as those expats who have made use of their rights prior to the date when the UK-EU exit agreement is finalised, benefit from the notion of acquired rights covered by the Vienna Convention of 1969. Thus the loss of the EU Citizenship may see some of the benefits which British expats enjoy diminish, such as the right to vote in European Parliament elections, but in all else they are unlikely to lose much, certainly not to the extent of being forced to leave Malta"

This is great if its true!

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