Police Clearance

Has anyone recently requested a Police Clearance Certificate.  If so, could you share your experience.  My understanding is that you must get a letter endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before going to the assigned Police Station.  Wondering how long it takes too.


Why u need police clearance certificate?

immigration requirement for usa

Harmilyah :

immigration requirement for usa

It's required by many counterspies now in fact.

I had my police clearance last summer done. If I remember correctly you need to contact your embassy first, they will email over some documents which you need to send back to them with a payment. You will need to collect these documents back after few days in person or have them couriered over to you. Next step would be for you to take them to ministry who will stamp them and than you will need to go to police station to give your finger prints and collect your police clearance after 2 weeks

Many Thanks June88 for the detailed information.

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