School in Jubail

Good day,
We are contemplating a move from South Africa to Jubail. We have two girls aged 5 and almost 7. Eldest has started with Gr 1 this year.
Which school in Jubail would be recommended? With high academic standards as well as some extra curricalar activities on offer.
What is the main difference between the British curriculum and US curriculum.
Any advise appreciated 😊

Are you in jubail ? There are 3 best school in jubail one is amercian circulum and two of them are british.

High academic standard = none
Extra-curricular activities = ISG Jubail
Conservative  = Al Hassan
Study by Rote = Mariya
For many parents, the deciding point between Al Hassan and ISG is ultimately the use of technology. In Al Hassan it’s barely functional. In ISG Jubail, children starting from middle school are mandated to bring their own laptops, and given a freehand to use it.

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