How can I help a poor bangladesh family

Greetings everyone.

I was watching a British show titled:  "Toughest Place to be a Ferryman - Sadarghat - Dhaka".

I was completely shocked at the polluted water and the children working and living alone.

Is there a neighborhood community center that helps the poor that I can contact by email?
I would like to adopt a poor family to help them keep their children at their home and to go to school.

I don't trust organizations such as world vision etc.. I would like to mail and contact this poor family on a regular basis. I am asking for help from the expats if there is a way that I can contact an Bangladesh org that helps poor that is honest and genuine. Where do I start?

Thank you ahead for any suggestions, links  and help. Wish you kind regards.

Just a quick update until someone replies here.

I wrote an email to the the Red Cresent in Dhaka, but they have not responded.

I looked at anti-poverty organizations in Bangladesh such as BRAC, but they mostly only do project financing.

Will keep on researching.

Hi Molari

First of all thanks for your will to help poor families.
There is no way to help them unless you go there and find them beside streets.
true poors never get any help from anyone, they cant even express their ordeals with their lives due to shyness.

Greetings Rtwo.

Thank you for your reply and your kind words. I am probably going to go there next year or so.
We are all human beings first and all deserve to have a chance to live easier.

I have still not heard from Dhaka Red Crescent and will write to them again and see if there is an alternative way to contact them.

I must admit, I am surprised that I could not find an organization to look out for the poor families in Dhaka or else where in Bangladesh.

I will continue to look. Again, thank you for your reply and wish you a great day.

Kind regards

I strongly suggest you go there and buy them commodities such as rice, edible oil, lentils, If poor people at least have basic foods to eat then they can go out and work to earn something and survive.
There is a time there called month of ramadan when a lot of poor people visit the capital for some donation. you will find them on streets begging you for some help. Beware , return home after 5pm  as after that city roads there are ruled by the muggers.

Hello Molari, how are you? 1st, thank you so much for your kind decision. Where are you right now?

Thank you for such a helpful and practical response.  It makes sense that we need to go where the poor actually are, and establish rapport with food.  But, how can we make an impact over time?  I like Dr.Yunnus' idea of helping with microloans so these people can create businesses for themselves.

Thanks especially for the advice about staying indoors after dark.  This was the most helpful of all.


Its heard that Dr.Yunnus's loan system involves heavy interest rates.
Its not a poor friendly system as its widely said. People often fail to repay/make delay the loan for various reasons such as bad business, natural disaster. lenders still impose heavier burden of interest ( a lot of times in compounding rate) on  poor people.

Hi Molari

This is Anam from Dhaka. I am a Bangladeshi. who do not have lot's of money to help poor people but i have a mind to help poeple. i may contribute my time to help you.(also hlep my people). please contact me. and plz note : i have no previous experience . but i want to help. i am not any part of any organization. i my self want to help you.

well i know some lady from chittagong, she has  a small tailoring store in Dhaka.she teach sewing and pattern.she just open few months ago.she used her has been few months now she is out of her dream shattered,me and few of my friend help her.but there is so mach we can do. we wanted to encourage here.when i wen to visit her store she told me she don't even have money to but her grocery.Because she paid the rent of the store.she can't get any loan she said.its cus she is new. so if someone help her.she will be able to keep on going forward,Also her student will be success as well. WELL MY POINT IS YOU CAN HELP & HER STUDENTS  FROM THE POOR if  anyone rely want to help her. just write me back i can give you the contact number

You could give all your money away and do nothing more than provide meals for kids that will go hungry as soon as your money stops coming.

Or you could fund education for a couple of kids.

The latter will give them a chance to escape poverty for ever, probably meaning their kids never experience it at all.

Well giving money will never solve poverty.Providing fund for education is an great idea.But some family are so poor they don't want their kids to go to school and be educated and have good job in the future.they want those kids to earn money fast  so they can have meal at home and pay the rent,medication etc.well from what i know or understood that they want those kids to learn some skills in short they can start to have income sooner.

hi there
                     what part of montreal do  you live in? i was there before very nice city

Hi .. I am new here in expect's so good to see that all the kind hearted people are here to help and share their idea to help others .. I feel warm welcome here ..

Hi Molari

First of all thanks for your will to help poor families.  there are 100+  NGO working there to develop of the living standard for poor people. some of them working on
education some of working on health sector. you may work on education . there a lots of street children school working in dhaka city. they are  working fantastic job.
or  if you want to work jointly any volunteer school i can meet them with you if you want you can build a street children school in dhaka.  i can serve you as a volunteer

Giving money should not be an option because, as we know, is very limited and it's actually not helping but just spoiling them. They should bear in mind, or at least someone has to make them understand that to be able to sustain their daily needs, they should work or do something that will last long. Begging is not a work. I understand it's easier said than done for most of them, but one must try and do something meaningful to help them, to educate them, to instill in their minds that there is hope, that they can always do something better, that they have to fend for themselves so that they can also help others.
I would like to extend my help also, thru voluntary works/teachings, especially to first time mothers who does not know anything about baby cares and being a new parent.  Few days ago, I visited a colleague, a first time mom to a baby girl. I saw her how she lifted her baby from the bed up to her arms and I just blurted OMG! Stop stop! SHe lifted the 2 week old thru her armpit, without giving support in her neck. She's not covering her feet when they are cold, no covering either on her bottoms.
So please if you know of some agency that caters voluntary works, please count me in. Thank you.

Hi Mostafiz,

Can you help me connect with these NGOs/volunteer workers please? Send me PM please.

Thank you.

Hi Ylec

i am so pleased to see your interest. i admire  such type of people like you who are working for our children . plz note bellow most prominent Org. those are working for children education in dhaka

if you need more specific plz. address me any time i will be happy to serve you.



Thank you very much Mostafiz. Sorry if I did not respond before. I was sick but now better.

Children and even the adults are human beings and in essence, we are all in the same family.

We lose our humanity if we ignore those that are suffering. I will try hard to do my part to help and try to make a difference with 1 child and more.

My Prime Minister, PM Trudeau is meeting a few Pacific rim countries (today he was in Peru)  to try to set TPP on the right path even if US President Elect trump will probably drop out of TPP.

TPP  could be a golden opportunity to try to include China and others.

I know TPP will help many countries grow economically. Even Bangladesh.

I will check up on the links you provided and want to thank you and wish you a very nice weekend. kind regards Sir.

Thank you for the links, brother.  How helpful of you.

Great effort and admirable thinking , I salute all of you for showing the kindness.

I too have lived in the west for decades and upon returning to Pakistan I was very disturbed to see the level of poverty, education, lawlessness, lack of drinking water and basic health standard.

I had been involved in voluntary and community work since my childhood and i would like to share my experience which is a bit of warning to other who may have a kind heart but their resources will be misused.

a) 90 percent of NGOs and international aid teams are taking contributions from all over the world but spending very little for the deserving. instead a major chunk of the money goes towards maintaining fancy offices, vehicles and paying high salaries to people.

b) A class has evolved which does not believe in working and improving themselves . they become dependent on charity and are mostly involved in drugs and crimes.

Nevertheless the above factors should not give us an excuse to sit back , blame every body else and do nothing.

After going in circles and a lot of hit and trial, I have come to the following few areas where it is very satisfying to see results.

i) I keep a list of young boys and girls and help them in getting into jobs and training and also pay them partially for a few months while their experience is up to the desired standard.

ii) I have two Reverse osmosis plants ( which convert sub soil brackish water into sweet drinking water) operating and supplying water at subsidized rates.

iii) My immediate family finances a school which was started as a free school but we later decided to charge nominal fees. This school is heavily subsidized and we have had some exceptional students who excel academically.

I strongly believe one person can make a lot of difference, but the intention and effort should be directed properly. :)

       I am sohel from Bangladesh,this is my email;***
please contact me by email.I don't want to discuss here.So please If you want to help the poor people Please contact with me

                                                                                                               Thanks by

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Dear Molari and other members of society!

I live quietly far from Bangladesh and currently looking for job so can't help to my friend who lives near of Dhaka, need a permanent job to support his family with little kids, to earn a few money for his lips operation (it was broked and need little surgery maybe) and to continue to study in college.

He can speak English and work on computer.
His name is Mohasin Khan and phone number: ***

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I can give contact of very poor guy who need help for his family with little kids and looking money for small operation for lips (it was broken and he cant eat normally). He is looking permanent work, live in 25 km from Dhaka, can read and speak English, have good PC skills

I cant help him now, need to solve my own problems first.
Also looking for job in Nicaragua.

Are you still looking for Bangladeshi children to help? I have a one year old girl whose mother is a servant. Have pictures but do not know how to send it here.

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