I am concerned about the extreme heat and want to find out if people get use to this climate.  Will all rental property have aircon in the units

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The heat isn't extreme, but it is pretty warm and humid.
The first few days will feel as if you're walking around an oven, but the human body is very adaptable so you get used to it pretty quickly.
If a flat doesn't have aircon, there are a million shops that sell them.

Hi Mmiki9,

I lived in Malaysia for 12 years, in Kuala Lumpur. Yes the heat can be pretty extreme but it is the humidity that makes it unpleasant. Temperatures in Malaysia over the past few months have been 36 deg C or even hotter. Generally it hovers around 32 - 34 deg C.

Almost every condominium and house has modern split level airconditioning. In fact, if you find a place you'd like to rent it will almost certainly have airconditioning. If you are not satisfied because not all the rooms have airconditioning or you feel the airconditioning is too old or not efficient then you should ask the agent to request the landlord to install or replace them before agreeing to rent the place. At the very least, when you move in the aircons should have been serviced. You should insist on having aircons in all the bedrooms as well as the living room.

There is an oversupply of available residential property for rent, so the tenant is king. Negotiate the rental as well as anything else you find that could be better and you may get it.

Servicing the aircons will be your responsibility as a tenant, and only costs around MYR90 - 120 per aircon, and up to MYR150 if you want a chemical wash. Rental agreements may mention that you should service the aircons every 3 months, but doing it every 6 months is fine.

Of course we do get used to the heat, but better if you don't  walk long distances under the direct sun.

Actually the kind of heat that you will experience in Malaysia is the same as in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and many other Asian countries. Hot and sweaty.


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