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Hi we are currently in Dubai planning to shift to Poland in near future. Can anyone here guide me about "rent a car" business in Poland. Do you think it has potential?

do you mean with car rental driver (e.g. limousine) or without (e.g. Avis, Hertz) ?
Also, in which city? Warszawa? Kraków? Wrocław? Or..?

I am not in the field and, of course, I have absolutely no idea at all about your idea's potentials.
Anyway, as far as I can see there's a plenty of small tiny local company renting car (without driver). In this regard, you can simulate a rental in any search engine to see your potential competitors.
Also, I have found out that sometimes, car dealers are renting cars (no, I am not referring to leasing).

Limousine service: same as above. I have no clear idea but I know Uber operates in Warsaw and, I assume, in other major cities as well. Opening a "limousine rental" might eventually be a good idea but I feel you shold differentiate on the service offered (and price!).

Sorry, I wasn't really helpful and I didn't mean to discourage you :/

Thank you very much for your reply.
We are just exploring ideas so any feedback is good. Really appreciate. I am sure before starting anything we will have to pay a visit physically these things cannot happen over the net.

Take care and Thanx again!

you already came or planning to come

Fawwad Ali Dxb :

you already came or planning to come

Does it matter? If you have some advice or info to offer the OP, please do so.  Thank you.

Romaniac Experts Team

Many businesses have potential if you're creative. Poland is heavily regulated country so you may start from hiring a lawyer - to learn about permits.
I'll look for a niche. First study the current offerings. If I'm correct they are expensive and don't offer unlimited mileage. Also look for rideshare options - I don't believe uber driver can rent a car in Poland, but in USA it's profitable business: the car brings you $8,000 - 10,000 a year and pays off in 3 years. Of course the reality in Poland is different, but I found information that leasing for uber exists in Poland, but food deliveries are less popular.

After reading posts about business in poland i m feeling good attraction for doing an English School business there provided laws and costs allow.

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