Rent flat in Stuttgart

As futur expat I am looking for a flat located in Stuttgart city close to wagenburg gymnasium.
Ideally flat should have 4 to 5 rooms and montly cold rent should not exceed 2500€.

If you have any advice please let me know.


Best regards.

Please search or post an ad in the HOUSING section.

That area is one of the most expensive in Stuttgart, but your rental budget is more than enough to give you a nice flat there.
You can find places to rent on sites like,, etc. Or you can engage a property agent (called "Makler" in German) for a fee.
Please note that you should be in Stuttgart and view potential places before you commit - don't agree on taking something unseen! (And neither would an honest landlord agree to rent it to you unseen.) If you don't have an agent, you should take a German speaking friend along for the viewing and contract negotiations, as there could be pitfalls a foreigner wouldn't notice.
Finding a place (and possibly waiting until it is vacated) can take some time, so you might want to arrange temporary housing (hotel or serviced apartment) for the first few weeks or months.
Also, apartments in Germany are almost always rented out unfurnished, which might mean not even curtains, lamp fittings, kitchen, washer, etc. present.

Many thanks for your advices.
In fact I have already someone from my german compagny who is helping by searching in all wellknown rental agency you mentionned above but it seems very very difficult to find such flat in the city center as most of them has 2 or 3 rooms max or for 5 rooms rent is very high.
They first told me that I should wait till july to start to look for a flat if I would like to find one for August.
Can you please tell me when would be the best time to search
In fact I have the option to go in a hotel in august paid by compagny but I should find something for september.


If you start searching in August, you will not find something for September: Renting cycles are long and a contract is usually signed 2 - 3 months before move-in.
Yes, it is difficult to find rental accommodation in Stuttgart, and 5-bedroom flats are generally rare (as families are smaller nowadays). You should grab anything you find as and when you find it!
Good luck!

Many thanks for your feedback
I am in really surprised that my agent told me that I have plenty of time when I informed him that I would like to start in June
Now I follow your recommendation

Thanks again

Hi Bidar,

:D Of course agents also have a benefit if you are looking at the last moment - it means you are less picky : with only 1 month left you would be easier to push to make many last minute tradeoffs.

I assume the employer sponsors the middleman. The major problem with a sole agent is that you don't know what kick-back they get  in the background. Ofc most don't, but hey , we're all human :par: Having multiple alternatives are better.

Depending on whether you are willing to take a bit extra alternatives (and time) to have a optimized offer for yourself/ (your family), I would suggest to take the handles yourself - Personally I would not use an arranged agent but like to have alternatives. This is what I would do :

The owner of the apartment pays  the successful agent (provision/courtage), once you sign a rental contract. (2 monthly rental costs (kalt)+ Tax).

1) rather use those online sites listed above like mentioned here, in the posts above.

2) pick 10 of those favourite condos/apartments (homes can go far beyond 2.5)  on immoscout (you can quickly spot some repetitive telephone nr),
Make an appointment on those that closely fits your needs, maybe with some tradeoffs like further away from the center, or smaller, older, more expensive, to get a feeling of tradeoffs. (Ie Some of our friends are paying 2.8k€ pm in Heidelberg, Jugendstil (art nouveau) , but it's cold, single glass pane windows, heating cost humongous due to 4 m room height. (The wife wanted that style at all costs  :blink: ). Especially in centres people (münchen) wait in 30 m rows to check out an apartment, so it goes quickly once available. Don't worry- most agents are pretty ok with english (probably french also)- more important is their skill to negotiate on your behalf.

3) the idea behind this approach is that you meet 2/3 agents that you personally gel with good and let them show you some alternatives. That will speed the process extremely. Still , 2/ 3 months is usual for handshoe fit. And don't feel guilty to say no (of course with a good reason)

remember to read other stuff in this forum about stuff to be careful of before signing the contract itself.

It is right that there are not so many large 4 to 5 room apartments but although Stuttgart is pricey, your budget should be more than adequate. A quick online search showed 4 different such apartments in Stuttgart-East with between 130 to 180 square meters, none costing more than € 1800/month. Probably the best site to find a place is: It will give results for different areas of town but not for specific neighborhoods.

It might be extremely difficult if you limit yourself to too small a radius. I assume your proximity to Wangenburg Gymansium is important but what you should know is that this is near the top of a very high, steep hill. So housing parallel on the slope even 900 meters away might be preferable to a place just 500m meters away but over the hill or below making the walk mostly vertical. If you don’t find a place ideally located then one can consider the advantage of going even further and using public transportation. There is a U-Bahn station (Heidelhofstr.) not far away and possibly additional buses.  Such public transportation goes often, starting very early to midnight or later.

A good location then might not be determined by the absolute distance but the proximity to the transportation lines and if they are direct or if one needs to change lines. Another factor about location is what else is in the neighborhood. Sometimes a place a bit farther away might be better in the long run if it also has shopping and dining possibilities the other doesn’t have. Such things exist in clusters and are not evenly located in all areas.

Maps and information about public transportation are all findable in the internet but it might be a bit overwhelming for a stranger to the city. If you send me a direct message, we could possibly meet once you are in Stuttgart if you need advice. My problem is that I usually work on the weekends and have time available during the week, the opposite of most people’s schedules. I also have to say that I know the area west of Wagenburg down towards the city center but hardly know the nearby areas east of there.

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