As a Scot living in France I am deeply concerned by today's referendum result (and proud that the Scots voted against Brexit).
What will this mean for us? Will we need visas to continue to work and live in France? And more stupid still, will we, as French taxpayers, need visas to visit our families back in Scotland?
Have any of you thought of the consequences for us and our families?



Hello Colin,

If I was you, I would not worry too much. I guess nothing at all will change in the short run. Probably not much will be turned upside down anyway.

On the long run, I don't know what will happen but I guess British citizens who want to live in a EU country might be given the same rights that applies to EEA citizens (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland); which is : no visa. … 01096.html

That is my bet and that would be the simple and most logical thing to do : a copy and paste of the EEA agreements.


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