Can i work with Resident card but no work permit yet?

Hi, I've got my resident card in vietnam but I'am not sure if I am allowed to work without work permit.

Hi years ago =  I paid 850 USD for 1 year  TRC and after 3 month they called me and said I have to exit immediately the country  via a boat !! from the Mekong Delta. This time I want to go sure that this not happens again. Can you give me the contact address of your agent? Best MIchael xxx

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You are not allowed to work legally with a TRC(Temporary Residence Card) which is not related to WP (Work Permit).

You can have 1 year visa with 80$.

Hi Michael, sorry to hear that. But my residence card handled by my husband company. So I'm not sure which agent they used. :

You can have 1 year visa with 80$.

Please don't post things that are just not correct, you know very well you can't get a 1 year visa for 80usd.

HI, But i can work part time right?

G.Boakes :

HI, But i can work part time right?

Legally, no. Get your employer to apply for a work permit.

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