UK Exit from Europe

Hi All,,,,,Concern over Exit from Europe,,,,,,,EHIC Card & Euro driving licence invalid ???,,,,will exit change my Resident Status & Passport Status ??,,,,,,,,feedback needed from UK expats,,,,Thank You,,,,,,Eddie

I think these are all questions that nobody has the answers to just yet Eddie.  Valid and necessary questions, but it might take time until the dust settles and everything is worked out.  It won't be a overnight transition.

Thanks Romaniac :)

I'm sure that the Uk is still in the EU for another 2 years, until the 'divorce process' is completed. This is seperate to renegotiations, which the EU is forcing the UK to act fast to prevent too many market jitters. This will probably, from what the Brexit politicians are saying, lead to still being in the single market which will mean that the UK has freedoms of movement and EU law imposed but without a say in them. I'm pleased as it's the equivalent to Remain, and proves the Brexit side really were full of lies as everything they spoke about, immigration, immigration, immigration and the ability to make our own laws was completely irrelevant. It looks like Remain have won in practice, Brexit on paper :) To answer your question, things won't change at all for two years, perhaps not even after that.

The thought out answer from disinterested parties suggests all UK passports and driving licenses will remain valid for the moment, but a  new design, sans EU logo, will be phased in as the old expire or are reissued because of change of address and so on.
That's unlikely to start for some while anyway, probably as 50 is initiated or two years after when the UK finally leaves.
At the moment, all laws stand as they did last week.

We are still in the EU for two years yet and so our license and passport etc are all unchanged until we have actually left and so during the negotiations with UK and Brussels we glide gently with all the knowledge on to changes maybe the meantime don't panic captain mannering.


The problem is no-one really know. Yes, there is a couple of years still to go for the process to be complete.
My own experience as a "European" and I recall well the time prior to the "EU" is that it may well in time mean changes on a couple of fronts. For one the right to abode in a European country of choice will no longer be automatic as now., for the UK passport holders that is. There may well be exceptions for over 50 but we have to wait and see.
The European health card may also be falling by the wayside quickly, hate it or love it.
To negotiate similar deals as the Swiss or Norwegians have it may take a long time coming. I am not so sure Europe will fall over backwards to be accommodative.
We will have to see how it pans out!.

Non Europeans can buy property in bulgaria ,by putting the property in a ltd company ,so being classed as a non European I would be happy to make changes like this,it does not mean I love my fellow human beings any less,
The countries that get nasty with the uk just because we would like to keep our sovereignty would only be making things difficult for their own citizens that choose to live in the uk .and this is what the two years of negotiations will unearth and the uk I imagine will treat as they find.
All countries that make uk citizens living in their Eu countries feel at home in this time of change will find that their citizens are made to feel at home in the uk.

Our politicians have already stated that any changes in the future will only effect new people and not people living here in the uk and these changes will only be put in place when the hand over from EU rules to our own uk rules apply and then we will  be able to control the numbers and speed of people entering the uk ,
Which should give a better quality of life for all people living in the uk where ever they have travelled from in the world to come and live in the UK .

There will be put in place a different health card that can be used in other countries for UK citizens if the same countries would like their citizens to carry on enjoying our National Health Service while they choose to live in the UK
So you see it pays for every one to think nicely  about their own citizens living in the UK and for everyone to treat as they like to be treated and everybody should carry on as normal with small gentle changes  which will be in the best interest for all of us together.
Love and peace

Politicians and companies on both sides of the Channel are trying to push a free trade agreement (Common market?), but both are saying free movement must go with it.
If money wins the day, no worries for people like you, but a lot of what the further right of  the exit people wanted would be gone.

Nice thing is that Boyko Borisov said that Brits would be welcome to become BG citizens...good thinking as there are circa 18000 of us living here spending our UK earned cash in Bulgaria.

I wonder how much 18,000 x monthly expenditure in BG = ??

No brainer not to upset the status quo too much then!

I was really happy to read your post and I am glad that Bulgarians and the English at least can see its a no brainier win win for us at least and the same for all nationalities that think the same so the only losers will be any country that gets nasty.
Because I for one would not want to go..... let alone live where I was not welcome.

You will always get a small minority who are racist and small minded and are bullies and I for one feel that there should be no place for them in our world.

The majority of English people voted for brexit because they value having a democratic vote to turf out and put in place the type of politicians to represent the people's wishes and we say long live the Queen.

We don't feel comfortable with some one that has not been elected and you cannot replace if you are unhappy with the way they are using their power and that is what you have in Brussels.

As I don't like the way Greece has been treated or Spain or the Syrian refugees etc etc

This to me has nothing to do me or our fellow Europeans the majority of people that voted Brexit still love and respect our European friends just as before we voted Brexit .

I think showing your passport at borders will be a good thing a small price to pay as it could help tighten up security with the IS problems in mind as it will help to protect all Christians alike as they don't care which countries you live in to carry out their attacks on innocent people and it will still be Free movement of people to visit,live or work in different countries of choice,just like it it has always been long before the European Union.
Love and Peace to All

Hi Fred
The UK and many countries have been trading with each other for thousands of years before the EU was thought up forty years ago so I don't see any problems unless people want to go out of their way and create them of course.
Buyers and Sellers all around the world always has been and always will be,that's my thoughts anway.

I was bit confused when you said something like "that would suit people like me" would you mind explaining a bit more clearly what you meant please as you seem a bit angry over something and also I was wondering how in your eyes you and I are different?

Wish you well in the meantime
Kind regards Norman

As you say, trade has been around for a very long time, as has movement of people, all without so much as a passport or much else outside cash or barter.
Trading blocks have a nasty habit of naffing that up, so I'm quite please to see the Eu get a kick in the pants.
As for people who want to live unfettered by rules and contribute to their chosen country, the deal you describe in an earlier post is a winner.
It's very much in many nations' interest to promote tourism or migration when the know the people concerned are likely to spend a fat sack of cash in their country.

Nice to read your reply Fred as I strongly believe that the majority of people love people and its the politicians that normally start wars
And now the uk politicians will soon have to answer to the UK public every 5 years and they won't be able to blame Brussels as an escape goat for any mess created for the Uk public and the EU will hopefully be making the right decision's for all the countries that have voted to let the people that are in charge of the European Union make the decision's for them hopefully a lot better than they have for the likes of Greece we all hope and we all get to live in peace and harmony and can better each others lifes with fair trade and trying to help and not hinder each other

Well fingers crossed 😊 anyway

All the best Fred
Kind regards

Xenophobes tend, in my opinion, to be less than bright, or perhaps just have a knack of making themselves look very silly.
Politicians in general manage equally, but some are more equal than others (Sorry, George O.)

Look carefully

Did anyone spot the problem?

No Fred I only spotted someone facing the wrong way and Nigel sharing a real funny joke that most of the others must of already heard before lol
I think you will have to enlighten us Fred
Kind regards Norman

The wider white line should at the top on the flagpole side.
The twit has it upside down - So much for his "British" stance.

Well spotted Fred the union jack flag is upside down and it could be a mistake as you suggest or it could be a discrete signal being sent indicating a situation of "DISTRESS" and it could just be a nervous laugh of Nigel Farrage coming under attack and caught out in the crossfire like he normally is.
I guess we will never know LOL

Long live the Queen

Ner, he just got it wrong.
This common error is usually made by people with little knowledge or interest in the UK.

For a man who claims to be the saviour of the UK, that's a really big "Oops" moment.

So does your statement mean that after you asked all the expats to study the picture including myself and none of us could spot the mistake that we all have little knowledge or interest in the UK also?

I for one am glad that there is someone that lets us know what is really happening in Brussels and Nigel farrage is very patriotic to the people of the UK and the 17 million voters that have voted to leave the EU and if you have a different opinion to that thats fine because that's what democracy is all about,because believe it or not everybody can bring a different view to the table,But to poke fun and sneer at someone that speaks out clearly and passionately about what he believes in, To smear his character because there is a photo with a very small symbolic flag of the Union jack in a photo that none of us noticed even after being asked to study the photo was upside down in distress mode.Well that makes you sir a BIGOT in my eyes and I have no further time to listen to your small self regulated view on others around you in life......Not my cup of tea at all.
Any further insults you wish to post will be met with a dignified silence
The British way.
Over and Out.

Nigel farrage is very patriotic to the people of the UK

You believe a politician?

Wow. … enses-ukip

Nigel Farage is facing fresh questions over his European expenses after he admitted that an office for which he claimed more than £205,000 from the taxpayer was provided to him free of charge by a Ukip supporter. … 063573.ece

Nigel Farage faces an expenses investigation into almost £60,000 of “missing” European Union funds paid into his personal bank account.
The Ukip leader has received £15,500 a year from the EU since at least 2009 to pay for the upkeep of his constituency office, a small converted grain store near Littlehampton, according to transparency reports filed on the party’s website.

That sounds patriotic to his wallet.

Just because I dislike the EU and want the UK out doesn't mean I'm willing to believe a politician.

How do you tell when a politician is lying?
His lips move.

As for the 'bigot' part, get real.

Well Said Boys Club, I agree 100%.


Thank you Terry
I tried to steer the post away from the personal level it was heading for without a lot of success, so it was a good time to stop.
Long live the Queen and the good relationship between the British and Our Bulgarian Friends.

Kind regards

Hi With regard to your question about residence status living in the EU, you are protected under the Vienna convention, that I believe predates the EU. I think you will find that anyone already living in a country cannot be turfed out just because, in our case we vote to leave the EU.

Hiya the story you are on about was April and June 2014 are they still Investigating.


That's probably Junker that did that Fred he sits next to Nigel. :lol:

The boys club :

Long live the Queen ....

With the old lass hitting 90, that's probably optimistic.

The boys club :

........and the good relationship between the British and Our Bulgarian Friends.

Kind regards

As for the relationship between the people, that's very probably fine, but politicians on both sides won't manage the same.

Here you go Boys Club, Nigel is on LBC Radio Sunday morning with his own show, don't know where in the world you are but you can get it on the internet. … day-133433


Hi there,
If you have a residential card then you don't worry but you're house is owned by your company  then you have the right to live and work in Bulgaria, for now tha'ts my lawyer's answer, her Aunty was the director of immigration in Yambol


Sorry, don't understand!

Please explain again. We have been here for 4 years with a Lichna Carta and we bought our house after the law was changed so we did not need a company.

My take is that creating a company to own your house is potentially problematic. For starters you need to file annual company reports which quite frankly is a pain in A. long-term
And this is just one of the negatives with very few positive aspects to it.
I have been there trying to buy such a property  in the past and clear visibility was hard to come by especially to establish if the comapy had current liabilities which could affect me later. Apart of teh fact that teh owner had failed to file reports in teh past.
Buyer beware
A minefield quite frankly..I would think twice going down this route

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