Visit visa problem

Dears today i received this message from mofa

نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدون فيه بياناتك بكل دقة وتدوين اسماء المطلوبين للزيارة كاملة كما بالجواز السفر (ثلاثي

I was applied online for visit visa for my wife, kids and parents. Then submited to chamber of commerce.

What does it means and what should i do now?

Perhaps you didn't fill the form in correctly.
Sounds a bit that way as they seem to be asking you to apply again, but with the correct data on the form.

The data was totally correct as it was in the passports

seem you added some incorrect letters ...

take it easy, all you can do now is to submit new one and make sure names are as per passport...
wish you meet your family soon ...

Are visit visas still open...i heard they are closed till haj.

How can i write the name? If my father name is ali in passport for example?

same as passport, if it's Ali in passport should be Ali in the application...

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