Korean and Japanese Groceries in PP

As the title states. I am wondering if there is a Korean or Japanese market in PP. Being mixed with Japanese, I'll miss my Miso, Natto, and various other traditional Japanese dishes. I will embrace Khmai food, but I'll always have an itching for some Japanese food. I say Korean or Japanese because the rice is almost identical and a Korean market generally has a few Japanese items. Thoughts? Even a Chinese market could be useful because in the states they sell Korean and Japanese items.

Hi Marukai,

I think a good place to start would be the supermarket at Aeon Mall. They certainly have a lot of Japanese groceries, and a few Korean staples like kimchi and ramyeon. The price is mostly reasonable as well - in my opinion it's actually the best supermarket in PP in general.

I think there are a few small Korean marts around, but I'm not sure where. Tuk tuk drivers might have a pretty good idea.

Hope it helps.


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