Call center Job offer 1000euro per month? Any experience?

I currently live In Ireland and I've just been offered a job to work In Athens , the job is in a call centre and pays 1000 euro per month plus bonus'

They give an allowance for flights over and have said that my husband could also be considered for a position

The contract is for 3 months but they said if I do well that they would keep me on ,

I would like to hear any opinions on this as we have 2 children to consider and i would obviously be hoping to be kept on after the 3 month period

Any body had a similar experience ?

Any Information at all would be Appreciated

Google all their contact details, then add keywords like spam or scam.
That'll give you a good idea of who they are.

Ive seen very often a call center looking for staff of all nationalities,I have heard people say it is very long hours,very busy.Is this 1,000 clear,are they giving state health care included if you stay on,you would need two salaries to survive if you had your children with you,without health care in the deal what will you do?It seems to be a job where people come and go very often,breeze in and breeze out from what I have read that people say.But perhaps someone will reply who works there or has.

It depends what is your situation in Ireland is currently, but as much as I love Greece, I would not consider moving to Greece to work for a call center with 2 kids and your husband. You should at least make sure your husband also get a job from them before moving as they are not that reliable and sometimes make promises they don't keep. Depending on the position they offer you, job can be really tiring (but also very nice if you are surrounded by the good persons).

Unless you are destitute in Ireland, or even if you were, I would not take such a risky plunge as you intend to take, Bensonx!

Let's assume the offer is real and the exorbitant pay for this kind of job, real, you'd move from a civilized country to the "wild east" for a call center job? You'd take your whole family with you on the promise of more work after 3 months???? The most I would consider doing is going to Greece on your own for the 3 months and assess the landscape with that experience under your belt, but only after extensive research on who your employers are and how reliable the offer is. Make a list of all the reasons you want to leave and all the reasons you want to go to Greece and see how many intersect. Perhaps Spain, Italy or Portugal might serve you better.

Under the best of circumstances Greece is not a place to leave a western european country for work. Its mostly for vacations and then leave. The pay is lousy so I don't for a moment believe the offer, there is no societal organization that you might recognize while the philosophy is to manage the best you can as you go along and work out your problems along the way. There is no security of work or workplace, no NHS type healthcare to rely on and the instability of its political situation make even the Greeks flee, those that can. And lets not talk about whether you can deal with the language because no matter how many people speak english there, you'll will have to learn the lingo to get along and its not easy.

I am sorry to be a harbinger of bad news but be warned. Stay in your pretty and safe country, unless you are prepared for an adventure that you might regret. This kind of job is for singles starting out with little education and a sense of "what have I got to loose?" Are you that kind of person and more importantly is the rest of your family in that mental state too? If so, have at it! :)

I hope I have given you more to think about and am sorry if its not what you want to hear.

Hi Bensonx.
I read your post, i do not know if ur in greece now or not but do not worry the offer is real,
teleperformance is currently in the process of seeking candidates everywhere,  to read you I concluded from 2 childs and with a husband that is a bit risky especially as it is for 3 months of trying ..
drop everything to his country to such a job in the telephony is risky.
if you are unmarried and unemployed worth .
this is not a scam it's a real job but do not worry &  think well,
good luck

Hi bensonx,

did you already make a decision?

For me it sounds risky too, especially since the job is temporary for three months and you can't be completely sure if they will keep you after this time or not. Above that, your husband doesn't have a job yet and you have two kids!

I think I wouldn't dare risking it, but it's your choice of course!

Good luck!


Dear friend, I wouldn't do. Many companies dont keep their word. Plus, even if they gave 1000e which I really doubt, a 3 month job is not enough for you to leave country. Unemployment here is high even for Greeks with MS degree as I.Unless you have a long term contract with a respected company, I would suggest you avoid.

Dear Bensonx,

This is months later, so you may very well have made a decision by now, but just wanted to add in case you haven't. I agree with most in that I would not take the risk. I have heard of telemarketing type jobs that hired workers telling them what their wage was to be per month, but after they started they changed their story and said that was only if they actually sold anything and others not paying promptly as promised. 

If you or your husband had some other guaranteed job and one of you was looking for a little extra to supplement your income, than that would be different-as you wouldn't be 100% reliant on that income. 

I will say, I love Greece, it's beautiful and there are so many good things here (I moved here 15 years ago), but the economy as is... it's risky no matter what type of job.

How did you hear about the call center job. I am intrested

Abmegget,hello,tap in ..Call Center jobs in Athens will see that agencies deal with job vacancies worldwide,the call center jobs are involved in giving people product advice on line,or phone etc..when I have made a flight booking or enquiry by phone for Easy Jet,someone answers based in India or Pakistan,somewhere that way..strange.I just looked and there seems to be vacancies for different language speakers,have a glance.

Thanks you for the quick reply

You could also look on line at employment recruitment agencies who might have positions in Greece for your skills,I remember that you certainly had a lot to offer to an employer,try airport jobs.Frapport,the German company taking over many regional airports in Greece may be recruiting,I think they are taking over something on Crete.I saw somewhere that Crete may get a new airport but have a poke around,good luck to you.

Thanks, I will keep looking. Fingers crossed.

hi sounds like a decent company if they give you 3 months trial. also 1000 euro as basic is good.

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