Final Exit Question

Good morning sir/madam

I was just wondering if I could request for Final Exit even if its 1 year before my contract expiration, I have a 5 year contract.

My situation is, I have a contract with Joining Date December, and says paid Vacation every holy month of Ramadan, its been always like this I go every Ramadan, Now I want to go this month but the new HR says I cant because legally my vacation is on Joining Date w/c is December. last year I got this same problem but on of my superior helped me so I was able to take my vacation on Ramadan. Now, I'm in the same situation but I think no one can help me now. So, angrily I will go December but with Final Exit,  still 1 year in my contract. Can I do this request?  what happens to my benefits?

Of course, you can request a final exit visa anytime you like.

Check out your contract that must have the early termination clause. Usually, as per labor law, in case of early termination of contract, they ask you to pay your employer the expenditures they have made on you (visa charges, Iqama fees and air tickets).

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