HI:  My name is Bruce and I am from Canada.  My wife and I live in a house we built in her home village near Sri Rattana, Sisaket and need to obtain a good WiFi provider for our computer usage.  We currently are using TrueMove but keep using more than apparently the plan calls for although it says Unlimited.  Apparently it is unlimited, but limited to  10 GBs of usage at reasonable speeds.  Since June 8th we have apparently used 23 GB and our current download speed as given through a speed test is 0.05 KB/s!!   If our usage is 23 GB so far this month, I imagine that 40 GB would be our monthly usage...seems like a lot, but.......!  Can anyone suggest how to get a plan that would cover this and still provide a reasonable speed?

Not many companies if any offer Wifi service in small villages.

Are you currently using TrueMove 3G or 4G service or do you have Wifi service?

I visit village near Surin for 3-5 days every 1-2 months and use AIS 3G/4G service for internet access.  I have no monthly internet package with AIS because I only use AIS for internet when away from Pattaya.  They charge me 49 baht per day for unlimited downloads.  I've been know to download video files with acceptable speed .  I have no complaints with service.

There's a lot of info on this topic already I had same question few months back. We use true move we live in a city not far from you and our Internet is really good thus far 799 thb per month for unlimited. We watch a fair few movies etc online. I got a aid data packet too on a USB drive 399thb per month just use it in emergencies and when I'm away. I thibk it's a bit hit and miss pending on location but you might want to steer clear of TOT as it has been well documented on here that they do not provide adequate support when problems arise as does happen.

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