Brexit / Remain Vote Tomorrow

Greetings from Switzerland!

All the world will be watching you tomorrow.
And I'll certainly be thinking of you.
Good Luck to all of you  :cheers:

The vote will make a lot of people unhappy regardless of who wins, but a lot of them will only be politicians, so they don't much matter.
An exit vote will really bug many members of the incumbent government and future governments who will lose their ticket on the gravy train if Britain votes out. High ranking politicians with a dead career in the UK commonly end up in a stupidly highly paid job as a Euro paper pusher.
Those in Gib are worried about a Spanish land grab if the UK leaves the EU, and Scotland is likely to call for another referendum to leave the UK if Scottish voters go for 'stay' but English voters decide on 'bugger off out of it' as most Yorkshire voters seem to be considering.
Arguments are wild, and commonly wild guesses, but one thing is absolute, the shock to the world markets in the short term is heart attack stuff, but that's only the markets, and they get jittery when a black cat crosses their path so will settle down just after lunch on Friday.
The world's press are going to have a field day, and a lot of reporters  doing shoots all over London and bits of the UK most people have never heard of, all on very nice expense accounts.
The restaurant trade is going to love the vote.
An exit will probably see the Euro and Pound drop for a day or two, but both will recover after the the coke filled money merchants blow their nose.

Still, that's all guesswork, so we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Now that there will be no exit-polls (where voters are asked which way they voted), it will be much, much easier to get away with rigging the polls, and I think that's what will happen. The official result will be "Remain", because that's what the US wants and what the European political forces want. I very much hope I'm wrong.

That is possible as politics and truth are rare friends.
However, the people that did it would be shot if it ever came out.

As I understood it from the media if the Brits vote to stay in a lot of old folks will be disappointed.
And if they vote to get out a lot of young 'yuppie' types will be pissed off.

That said I agree with Gordon, I think the vote counters will win the day. The powers that be will not leave this derision to the common people.

My honest opinion?  They stay!!!

BTW: how can you eat that on an empty stomach?  :huh:

Primadonna :

My honest opinion?  They stay!!!

Looks like leave are winning at this point.

This could well spell the end for the EU

All exiting EU members can join Switzerland in an independent free Europe.   :cheers:

The vote is finished, and the EU is probably finished with it.

The UK PM's career is almost sure to be defenestrated, and several Euro politicians are asking for their own referendums.
Scotland's lot are very likely to call for a new vote to leave the UK.
However, the collapse of oil prices destroyed their attempt at a budget for the last vote, so quite how they'll convince anyone they have a workable plan is past me.

The Pound will drop for a while (and I'll change a load of cash whilst it's low), then it will recover as the financial lads snort their next line.
Greece will probably be the first victim as very dodgy European finances hit a very large brick wall when  the UK cash cow stops producing milk.

Primadonna :

My honest opinion?  They stay!!!

Right now the next question is... who's next?
Could it be a Nexit, or is it called a Hexit?  :unsure

BTW: how can you eat that on an empty stomach?  :huh:

I'm not really 'sexist' but I think that full English breakfast is a 'men-only' meal.  :)

There's already talk of other nations going, or at least some political groups in those nations giving it a go.

Our pm said there was no interest in a referendum about this issue. I don't believe that as he doesn't want to know the opinion of the people but most of all to act on the decision of the outcome which he's afraid off.

But I must say that I really was surprised about the results and I do hope this is a wake up call for Brussels.

And yes, El Jost, your answer is a bit of seksist as there are many women who can eat a typical full English breakfast.
I know that if I have a heavy breakfast in my stomach, I 'll be stuffed for the whole day but I would something else on my plate than that.

Nah! Some of us women also enjoy a full English.  😊

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