desperate for a home in eskilstuna.

my name is xander, i am male, 43,
English, disabled. (i don't need anything special)
recently divorced so in need of a new home,
before my ex wife murders me.. l0l.
i get my money from kommun it is always paid on time.
the maximum i can pay for a place is 4,600 a month.
i have a gf in eskilstuna, that is why i wish to move there,
she will also be my guide.
im quiet, shy at first, my swedish is poor,
i had to leave sfi due to illness.
i have been searching for a home for four months now,
i am losing hope, i would like long term accommodation if possible.
i am good with pc's so i would be useful to have around should your pc not work right.
and if you  or someone else needs to practice their english.
i am currently in roberstsfors.
i will take almost anything.

Hi Xander,

I suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Sweden section of the website so that your advert benefits from more visibility on the website.

All the best,

thought this was that section l0l...

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