hello. visa in sweden

hello anyone here please help me for my visa in sweden?

im still waiting for there email for me to able to schedule for interview in manila:)

how long its i before they email me?

help me guys for those who apply online what did u do ?

you really need to wait patiently,what kind of visa did u applied for?

thnk you for the reply  :)

the  visa that i appy is movinng in sweden living with my partner..did u apply visa also?

I waited for 6 months from the time I applied online for resident permit  before I got their email for interview at Manila Swedish consulate, then I waited 1 and half month for the interview.

I applied online September 2015 resident permit to move in with my bf. I got their email March 2016 then I was interviewed May 24 2016. Until now we got no decision yet. You need to have a lot of patience HONEY coz the waiting time is very long. Might take up to 15 months from the time you applied... May I ask when did you applied online?

I applied April 2016 as i read they said 3 months they will message for u to be able to st a schedule for interview?

Unfortunately it's not like that anymore. But who knows you might get lucky and you will recieve an email sooner than six months. :)

Just have a lot of patience you really really need it. Up until now that's what we are doing. Patiently waiting and hoping for the best :)

Same here hoping for the best also is just that im so tense while waiting :) friend of my cousin get deny they wait for almost 2 years.

Hi HoneyMahalKita,

I am also from Cebu, btw, I apply February 2016 and recieved an reply email July and schedules for interview September. Its a bit long of waiting 😃

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