Launching business in Bratislava

Hi guys,

does anybody of you have experience with launching business/firm in Slovakia as a foreigner? Friend of mine would like to transfer a part of his business  to Slovakia, already have a firm in France. He is looking for some professionals who could give him a hint how it works in Slovakia, how to do all the paper work and who could explain him how the slovak legacy works for foreigners. He is speaking english, but he would highly appreciate french speaking advisor.

Many thx to all of you who could tell me more about it or recommend some firm who is taking care for such a issue.

Have a nice day  :)

I'd suggest you/he search in the BUSINESS DIRECTORYfor recommended firms, or post an ad in the CLASSIFIEDS section.  Alternatively, your friend could just come on the site himself and post his questions on the French version of the site also.

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi Romaniac,
thank you for help and tips, but the business directory seems to me very unpersonal, I was looking for some personal recommendation from people who have already such an experience. And regarding the french version, I have already told him about that, he is just a bit busy guy :) but hopefully he will find some time soon, unfortunatelly i don't speak french.

Once again, many thanks :)

Karol, as far as I know in Bratislava are located many firms dealing with such issues, but they are mostly focusing on russian and ukrainian customers. Since you are looking for french speaking experts, I would recommend you to contact law firm Legate - which is a medium size law office.
My boyfriend was launching his start up in Bratislava and he needed some advisory regarding taxes. I know that there was no problem while speaking with them in english or german. The lawyers were thruly nice and explained us all the complicated stuff around slovak law.  They've got web site in french as well, so I'm guessing, they could speak french as well, tell your friend to check it out. That's all I can help you with, I have no experience with other law firms or agencies.

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