Zurich: expats keep facing high cost of living

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Looking forward to settle in Zurich? Here's what you need to know about the cost of living in this Swiss city.

Zurich remains one of the more expensive cities in the world for expatriates as reveals Mercer International firm in its latest cost of living report published on Wednesday June 22. Zurich ranks 3rd worldwide, overtaken this year by Hong Kong and Luanda ranking 1st and 2nd respectively. Singapore and Tokyo, for their part, rank 4th and 5th respectively.

The survey takes into account the price comparison of over 200 products and services, namely, housing, transportation, clothing, food, household goods and entertainment in 375 cities worldwide. Geneva, on the other hand, ranks 8th, dropping down three places compared to the previous year while Bern ranks 13th, dropping down four places.

The ranking of these three Swiss cities is said to be the result of the weakening of the Swiss franc compared to the US dollar.

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Switzerland is expensive (be it Zürich, Geneva, Berne or another place). But salaries are usually in line with the high costs of living. The Swiss franc is a very strong currency and considered a "safe haven" in times of uncertainty and turbulence (Brexit, IS, refugees, ...). In such periods, the value of the Swiss Franc usually rises. When living and working for a longer period in Switzerland, take care that your salary is in Swiss Francs as you'll probably have most of your costs in Swiss Francs as well. A "drop" of your "home currency" is quite probable and will make your stay in Switzerland significantly more expensive.

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