Meds in HCMC

We are living in Singapore and may move to HCMC in January 2017. Due to ultra low count I take replacement therapy testosterone injections and Tramadol for my spinal stenosis/degenerative disc. Any clue if these are available? Are there US doctors practicing?

Thanks for your time!!!

I can help let me know when you get here.

I too need testosterone injections fortnightly OK to get them Thailand but not too sure in Vietnam.  In Thailand you don't need a prescription!

Thank you I will


Now in HCM and following up on the testosterone question?



God helps those who help themselves.....went to see urologist at Victoria Center at 81 Dien Bien Phu Street. shot of Nebedio all totaled 4,364,000.00 Dong

Hello im wondering if you still have some contact for steroid in hcmc ?


Not sure if you question was directed at me and if so I have provided where I have purchased in the thread above yours.

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