Store in Istanbul

Hello guys
I am going to come to Istanbul 10 days later. I have been there before. And I had bad experience before because of language.
I am wondering if you can offer me some stores which has foreigner workers or owner os foreigner already.
Hair dresser, restaurant, grocery, spa, clothes shop... etc.
If you can advice me some places I will appreciate it.


Having lived in Istanbul for two years now, I have found it almost impossible to find ample people who speak English in the places that you mentioned. Having said that, you may find a guy or two who speaks in English in some big stores, such as Mediamarkt, Teknosa, Migros or Macros, but that is a chance occurrence provided an English speaking employee is present that day.

Also, since Istanbul is a huge city, which area will you be staying in? That is important as in certain tourist locations, such as Taksim and SultanAhmet, you will find English speakers frequently. The rest of the Istanbul is an altogether different story.

Good luck

Thank you for ur answer but my purpose is speaking english and at the same time helping foreigners to make money in a different country. As i know it is too difficult to live abroad.

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