American moving to Shanghai, China in August 2016!!!!

Looking to connect with Expats in Shanghai, China. Need advice regarding immunizations... Apartments in French Concessions... Or areas close to downtown. What to bring to Shanghai?

Hi Jessika1908,

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Hi Jessika1908,
Have you visited Shanghai before? I assume you're coming for work or school, so hopefully they have someone locally that can assist with getting an apartment. Do you have short-term arrangements for when you arrive (like a hotel)? I didn't need to get any special immunizations to come here. I believe the immunizations are more for your protection and peace of mind than any special requirement (also possibly depending on your job).

You'll find plenty of foreigners and expats in Shanghai. There are a lot of "foreigner areas" in the city and you can probably find about anything you need, so you probably won't need to bring much.

shanghai is very big if you are going to work there then you must know which place your office is, after that you can find the apartment for living till that time you can use YHA ( youth hostel Association ) its cheap and good you can find it in many place in shanghai.
hope you have good time in shanghai.

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