Pet for sale

Wanna sell my dog how do I go abt it in amman

For a start you can post a free ad in the classifieds, section selling pets. You can provide all the details.

Good luck with selling.


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@Najaone  This is a public forum, any member is welcome to respond here.  You could have just said "thank you" and took the advice.  Primadonna was only trying to guide you on the site with an appropriate suggestion.

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You asked HOW so I gave you a tip.
No need to react rude.

Hello everyone,

@ Najaone,

As already suggested by Expat.Com Expert  Primadonna, please drop an advert in the Amman pets classifieds section of the website.

Interested members will contact you.

The forum should only be used for expatriation related issues, search for information on expatriation, hence, i am closing this thread.

All the best,

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