Marrying Egyptian in Philippines

Hi, i just want to ask about marrying egyptian man in my country.  My fiancée and i met in malaysia for two years.  we both expat.  We plan to get married next year.  He is now at egypt to prepare all documents he needed to Marry me in my country Philippines.  I just want to ask what are the requirements he need to bring in Philippines to get married.  By the way he is 21 years old and im 30 years old.  we both same christian.  We worry about processing time in Philippines,  which he going as tourist visa to get married.  Really really appreciate replies from the forum.  We dont want to waste the time he go there and his documents not complete.  Thank u so much

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he will need some certificates " 1- for health ,, 2- to prove he is single " and his passport must be availble for 6 months more , i hope everything going well with you and him , and good luck

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