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It looks like I will be offered a position with my company, in Chengdu.  I have never been to China and am reaching out to try and establish friends prior to arriving.  I am not sure of the exact arrival date but, I imagine I will be in country before the end of July.

I just set up a profile and have not had time to fill everything out yet so, please bear with me.

Good morning from Beijing.

You are extremely fortunate to be posted to Chengdu.  There's a thriving expat community; utterly delicious spicy food, a climate that is moderate, a society that is calm, relaxed; many parks, entertainment; Sichuan Opera, a unique style of the traditional Chinese Opera with Sichuan characteristics.  You'll also find "The Bookworm," a haven for book lovers with hundreds of books in English; they have a great restaurant, and outdoor patio and many events that beckon you, such a writers corners, an international writers festival. The Book worm is owned by my friend Peter Goof,m who runs the three Bookworms from its main location in Beijing.

There are two newly constructed, extremely modern subway lines with more on the drawing board.

Be sure to find two expat magazines that talk about daily and weekly events in Chengdu and surrounding areas.

I've been in China for 19 years, so if I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.




Thank you for your reply.  I will certainly check out those places if/when I get there.  I have an interview with an Exec in Chengdu this evening, 10 PM USA EST.  If that goes well, I expect things to move at a very rapid pace.

On a different subject, I have seen some posts and people have replied.  How can I read the replies?

Good luck with your interview.

Regarding you last statement, I'm not quite sure.  I think it's best to post your question to the blog to solicit answers from members.

All the best,



I would concur about The Bookworm and there is also The Shamrock [nearby] - but very different venues.

Both offer good food and beers and some live music.

I leave Chengdu in a few days - leaving these 2 very popular meeting points for many nationalities will be very difficult !!

Good luck

Thank you, Paul. 

I will certainly look up those places.  The interview went well and the team is looking for a position to bet utilize my expertise.  I am looking forward to the opportunity.

How's your interview going? if you wanna hang out, give me a yell.


It went well.  They are trying to find a position to best utilize my expertise.  So, I am anxiously waiting to hear back.  Hopefully, it will be soon as I am excited about the opportunity to go to China.

Congratulations !

Adventure awaits...

I'm Chinese and live in Chengdu for many years. Chengdu is one of beautiful cities in China. There are so much cates and many tourist attractions. It's good choice to live in Chengdu.

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