life in brazil

hello everybody can u help me please i want to live in brazil
the best city
live in south or north

Hi there
The best thing is to come here and look for your self
Brazil's a very big country with about 190,000,000 people living here
and I would say, every one you will speak to will say there city is the best
and only by living in these city's will you know if you like them,
If you are thinking of coming to brazil, to find work, I would think again, i don't think there is much work here for none Brazilians, and there's not much work for Brazilians as well

Very true,

About the only work you will find here is teaching English under the table. And with this economic crisis most are dropping this expense.

Come with lots of money and start a business.

thank u for this informations

i think is very hard to find job

Depends ....without fluent Portuguese , Permanent visa and a university degree you will struggle to find much to do like shop assistant and stuff like that pay peanuts in Brazil and there are thousands of desperate Brazilians to take those jobs.
Even the English schools are getting stricter and want to see Permanent status and possibly teaching qualification and/or University degree, there are lots of highly qualified Brazilians with Native level English teaching now days, but you can scrape by teaching in Schools although it's tough. As Craig says many people are dropping English and schools are tightening their standards up.

On top of this, even if you meet all of these requirements, as a non Brazilian you will be last in line for jobs and if you have a degree it may not even be reconized  in Brazil.

Brazil is not like the UK or New Zealand where you can come and do some cleaning or washing up and live comfortably , it expensive and unless you are a corporate professional salaries are 3rd world low.

If I was you I would go to Sao Paulo , its the only place there's real money and opportunities but it's expensive and a tough going to struggle to survive in the smaller towns and cities without money from home and a strong support network.

I have heard of a few people going to Sao Paulo and been successful in English teaching without visa's so it is possible, be you need a really slick English speaking Image,perfect grammar,appear educated,confidently well spoken  , and to sound more or less like a native speaker without much strong accent. One thing to look into is English Immursion weekend courses where you go on a camp that simulates an English Enviroment for business men , one weekend can pay as much as almost a month teaching in a school.

Ask yourself why you really want to come and what quality of life you expect.....because the reality of Brazilian life , if you actually have top work to earn a living here,is usually living in a dense,expensive concrete jungle like SP,working long hours for low pay, waking up super early and been stuck in traffic and on transport and just living for a week of holiday at the beach once a year if you even have the luxury of affording that.....problem is in Brazil level of opportunity really dictates your location and it can take a long time to get on your feet .....risky if you don't have the capital to back you up. I'm not sure what your current situation is, but ask yourself if this is a step up or down before you lose yourself in Brazilian dreams of Caipirina on the Copacabana.

Hi there,

I agree with you.
There's no much job for Brazilian so nothing for foreign people.

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