Family leaving Island next week - need to sell car - suggestions

I am trying to help a family with options to sell their 2012 VW Jetta ASAP!
I already recommended Clasificados, which it is on there and not sure if there are any other quick options other than the dealers, which will take him for his money!
It is dark blue with blk leather interior.
anybody interested or know of where they may go for help?

Thank you for your input

craig's list in English.

There are FB pages for PR that you have them advertise on.  What area are they located in?

Even if they don't live in the Rincon area, I would post it on their "Friends of Rincon" facebook page. Make sure they are willing to travel there to sell it or at least list the town they are currently living in. You also have to take down and re-post the clasificados ad or it just gets lost in the sea of cars. Maybe have a link to another page with lots of good photos and info.

I was kind of thinking the same thing, Karen :)

Is there a "Friends of San Juan" equivalent? I'm in Isla Verde and also have a car on Clasificados & Craigslist which isn't getting as noticed as it should be.

I suggest the facebook group ReLOVE PR- Home

Thanks, requested membership.

did you ever get the car sold, just moved here and having trouble finding a car.

Jess, not sure what you're looking for but I'm selling one of my cars. It's a 2012 Nissan Senta SE-R SpecV with a 6 speed manual and only 33k miles (plus powertrain warranty).

I hace a 2002 Ford Explorer with 96K miles, a/c works and in good conditions. I can send tou pics if interested.

hello everyone > i would invite you to post your advert in the classifieds Cars for sale in Puerto Rico ;) Thank you

yes interested but our price range is maxed at 3000. so if that is low dont bother sending pics. thank you.

hey thanks man for the reply. i would be interested but i dont think you will, our max budget is 3000. let me know if that is too low. but again thanks

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