looking for Greeks

Hi! My name is Helen Lazarou I am a reporter from Greece. I am looking for Greeks who found job abroad through social media (ex linedin) . I want to speak with them through skype

Sorry I am not Greek but I know lot of people who got jobs only from linked in.........
sometimes linkedin works for some ppl and for others it may not work in the same manner...

all written in fate :-)

Thanks a lot. I was looking for Greeks who found a job  through linkedin

Hi everyone,

@ Helen, could you please drop an advert in the Looking for testimonies in the United Arab Emirates section of the website ?

It will be easier for members to get in touch.

You will find the 'looking for testimonies" section under the Handy Tools tab (upper banner of the forum) > Classifieds.

This applies to all forums.

Thank you in advance,

No Problem eleni...
please share with us if you find one ....

have a nice day

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