Vegetarianism in Hanoi

I am moving yo Hanoi to live and work soon. I have heard many mixed views and ideas about being vegetarian in Vietnam in general. Is it difficult to adjust? Is vegetarianism that uncommon? Any thoughts or views will be much appreciated.


For most Vietnamese, vegetarianism is part of their life. They take veg food on certain holy days as per the Buddhist calendar. 

In my opinion, being a vegetarian you won't have any problem living in Hanoi. There are many Vietnamese vegetarian and vegan restaurants there.  Veg restaurants in HN

I am not a vegetarian myself but while living in HN , nearly 4 years ago, sometimes I used to go for veg food with some of my colleagues who were strictly vegan. In fact, my then manager, an Australian lady and two of my other colleagues , a man from Canada and a lady from UK were strictly vegan. They spent years working in Hanoi. I don't think vegetarianism should be a big issue for you.

One of our favourite vegetarian restaurants (back in 2010-2013) was Com Chay Ha Thanh ... off the Kim Ma street in Ba Dinh.

There are some popular Indian restaurants around the Old Quarters area. They also serve varieties of vegetarian food (the curry types).

If you prefer cooking at home, all sorts of vegetables are available in the local markets and supermarkets.
But, stay alert about the quality of those vegetables. Chemical fertilizers and growth stimulants are widely used by VN farmers. Here in the south it's a matter of serious concern these days.

Talk to your colleagues and other expats in HN to find a reliable source for fresh veggies.

Be careful, a "100% Organic" stamp on a local produce may not necessarily mean it is, in reality, 100% organic!!

Just look for the words...cơm chay, these are places to eat vegetarian food.

There are a number of vegetarian eateries in Hanoi but please keep in mind that the actual number of vegetarians in Hanoi will be quite small compared to the UK so don't expect a huge variety of dishes.
Getting your hands on a great variety of fresh produce is not a problem so if you are happy to prepare your own meals you'll no doubt find things a lot more varied.
There are also a number of outlets that sell lots of beans, pulses, humus, quark etc.

There r lots of Vegetarianism Restaurants in Hanoi. I'll recomment some, such as:
- Dakshin, 94 Hang Trong St, Indian Vegetarianism
- Bo De Tam, 89 Nguyen Khuyen St
- Ngoai O, 63 Tran Duy Hung St, Cau Giay dist
- Tamarind, 80 Ma May st, Hoan Kiem dist
- Hồ Tây, 22 Trich Sai St, (West Lake)

Thanks! :)

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